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Phantom Cheer Bleach Flannels

Phantom Cheer Bleach Flannels

*Due to customers not taking proper care of flannels we are strictly enforcing a no return/refund policy and advising to hand wash and hang dry only! If your flannels gets rips/holes/tears or loses stones we absolutely will not replace!

Phantom cheer is offering bleached custom flannels for parents/athletes/siblings/grandparents! We will produce all orders that are turned in by the 20th of each month to have ready within 1-2 weeks. These flannels are unisex and pretty true to size. You can always size up and wear as a jacket! We do offer youth sizing as well: PLEASE NOTE. Youth flannels patterns will be different than the one shown, they will still be the gym colors tho. *PLEASE SELECT PHANTOM CHEER DROP OFF UNDER SHIPPING*

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