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Custom Flannels

Colors we can not bleach: Purple, teal, turquoise, fuscia, pinks. But you can easily get black/white flannel and do your custom print in the team colors. These are unisex sizing.


*PLEASE NOTE— these are cotton shirts sprayed with bleach, so you may see some fraying, small tears and rips, but they look great like that! Best rule of thumb is gentle wash/dry!* If you do not like this look, just order yours not bleached!


We have 3 designs available or select CUSTOM and let us know what we can print! If you have seen one we have done and want that one just let us know! You can type a brief description in the notes or email us at Please keep in mind we have to shop around alot for these to find the best deals, flannels are not cheap! So we will have a variety of is not possible to tell you if your flannel will be true to size. We are ordering unisex  flannels, we can always send you a sizing chart on the flannel we are going to buy for you.  Please let us know colors you need and we will do our best to accommodate!


Our turn around on these can take up to 2-3 weeks off season but peak season (AUG-DEC can take 3-6 weeks) ....However keep in mind that sometimes UPS or vendors delay shipping. It’s always good to let us know if you need them on a specific date!

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